Answers To Some Common Questions About Applying And Removing Stickers/ Decals

There are many questions people ask about the topic of placing and removing decals and stickers. They range from how to remove bubbles from under automobile stickers and decals after installation, how to maintain the decal applied on cars, how to remove old decals from walls, to which type of printer is the best to print stickers etc. It is practically impossible to provide answers to all the questions about stickers and decals. So, provided below are the answers to some common questions people ask about the topic.


Question: Will the Window Decal Applied On A Car's Window Be Affected By Car Wax?
Normally, the car wax will not affect it unless if the quality of the sticker is very poor, or it is an interior paper label or sticker. In truth, the car wax should actually be providing an extra protection to the decal, especially if the window decal is of good quality and it is an exterior one. The decals are usually printed on a soft PVC vinyl material which is inexpensive and a decent quality substrate. An acrylic adhesive is also added so that they'll stick firmly to the window.
The car wax will have no adverse effect on the glue; instead, it will add some protection and shine to the vinyl and the ink. This way, it will help the decal last a bit longer.


Question: After Installing Vinyl Decals Or Graphics On My Vehicle, How Can I Remove Bubbles?
The best thing is to try to avoid having bubbles in the decals in the first place. A lot of amateurs usually have them trapped beneath the vinyl in the acrylic adhesive. This occurs due to lack of experience and not having the right tools for the installation.


1. Get The Correct Type Of Blade
If you have done the installation of the stickers already, and it seems like that is the case, then there is a solution to this if there is a bubble trapped under the vinyl, which happens occasionally.
You have to use the right kind of blade. If you don't have one, try to buy a knife with a 60° blade, called Exacto Knife.

2. Use The Blade To Poke Through It
Carefully use the blade to poke through the bubble. Do it gently so you won't damage the vehicle's paint by pushing the tip of the blade too deep.

3. Apply Some Heat Over The Knife
At this point, it would be helpful if you can use a heat gun or a hair dryer to apply heat over the prick of the knife to help make the vinyl become supple and push the trapped air out.

4. Press On the Spot
Use your finger to press on the spot. Almost all of the trapped air will have disappeared by then.


 Question: Can I Clear Paint Over The Vinyl Graphics Or Decals On My Car?
First contact the manufacturer or the paint seller whose clear coat you are planning on using.
Without making that call, I am quite sure that clear coating rarely has any problem. Although, I've seen some clear coating over vehicle decals in the past, I however don't want to be held responsible or liable for any issues this might cause.


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Question: Will the Clear Coat Or Paint On My Car Be Damaged If I remove Some Vinyl Car Decals?

People frequently ask this question and it is a good one. If it is done properly, the answer is No. If it is done wrongly, Yes.

What Exactly You're Doing Wrong
Removing an embedded sticker is a bit difficult, especially one that was applied a long time ago. Using a scrapper or any other sharp object such as a screwdriver to remove it is very wrong.
You can only use these sharp tools if you are already planning to repaint the automobile anyway. I will however advise you to use them.

How To Remove Decals The Right Way
To remove a sticker or decal from your automobile the proper way, you will need to use a hair dryer or a heat gun on medium heat. It is important you do not focus the heat on one spot for too long, especially if the heat you're using is very high as it can damage the paint underneath. It is advisable for amateurs not to use high heat at all. Once the metal has warmed a bit, maybe in the range of 49°C to 60°C (that's about 120°F to 140°F), get your fingernails under the vinyl and then pull off the decal slowly. During this process, you can carefully continue to apply some heat if needed.

Older decals are tougher to get to release. It is also highly likely they'll leave more glue behind compared to newer ones. Once you have successfully removed the vinyl, if glue still remains, there are several ways to fix it. To me, the best way is by using a glue remover that has an orange peel oil as the base. I called the best because it makes it very easy to remove the glue without damaging the car's paint.

All you simply need to do is to spray it onto the glue, then allow it set. You can repeat the process if needed. After doing this, take an old credit card or a plastic scrapper and scrape off the glue. To ensure there is no glue residue remaining, spray the remover onto a paper towel and use it to wipe over the spot again.
If you want, you can buy die cut stickers here.


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